Saturday, November 08, 2008

Everything You Always Wanted to Know About Love (But Were Afraid to Ask)

The moment (i know) you have all been waiting for: Aeolus takes on Love Relationships, Soul Mates, Romantic Love, Alchemical Marriage, emotional celibacy and tantrix sex - and how to make the most of being single & turn the Whole Universe into your Dream Lover


zerothought said...

If I were god creating finite existence, I wouldn't run just one simulation. I would evaluate all potentialities. I would choose the many worlds interpretation of quantum mechanics. However this still assumes linear timelines. What if reality is not a single branch of possibility, but an *overlay* of all possibilities?

Anonymous said...

Its only been a week since our Presidential election and they are already talking about a Civilian Defense Force here in the states, where in all people 18-25 years old will be enlisted automatically for three months of basic training and disaster relief. In other words we will have a group of indoctrinated youth herding us into football stadiums with night sticks and "keeping order" when the next major disaster hits. Wonderful. Who knows what other function they will serve? Its getting very Orwellian all of a sudden.

Even more importantly though, and I'm not sure if you read about this, but it looks as if due to the economic "crisis" and the instability of the dollar there is alot of talk about a world currency coming into being. Who would have thought it? How long to the currency goes cashless and you have to be "marked" to buy and sell?

Sarkozy and Brown are pushing along with the USA. Joseph Stiglitz one of Obama's advisors and former IMF banker is already talking to the press about it. Scary. The economic summit on 11/15 of the G20 should hammer out the final details. Is this to be the culmination of Trilateral planning and Bilderberger and all the rest?

Amazing that things are moving this quickly. Looks like we were completely duped here. The "left" will most likely be just as demoralized and splintered after Obama as the "right" currently is post Bush. I think my instincts were correct. The more phlegmatic, less hawkish, Obama, was the perfect front to push the agenda further into the 21st century.Good to know my paranoia and skepticism were completely justified. People here think they have just ushered in the Messiah. I believe its the same overseas. Does anyone even realize that if the corporate media is backing a candidate to such an extent that candidate must be doing the bidding of those corporations and financial interests or is planning to when he takes over?

I wonder what the next major crisis will be?



PS--Really enjoying your podcasts. You have a great radio voice too.

Anonymous said...


are you familiar with fintan dunne's podcast and forum? he has some keen analysis of the financial re-structuring going on as well as the obama phreak show:

Anonymous said...

I can see now why the impersonal forces ("fairies", "aliens", etc) have always been so interested in human mating practices. As aeolus has written, man belongs to life, not life to man and if we no longer serve life, it seems to me we no longer have a reason to exist as a species. Add this to the fact that we are brain-damaging our young with vaccines, psychotropic drugs, artificial colors and flavors in their food, television and other artifacts of "civilization", meaning that we have rendered our young unfit as carriers of life. If we continue on this path, the impersonal forces might have no other option than to choose another species in order to continue their own evolution. Maybe this "economic disaster" is part of the movement of our collective assemblage point that we so desperately need and the begining of the stoppage of the world we all secretly want.