Saturday, November 15, 2008

Quantum Astrology

This week I talk with quantum astrologer and author Lyn Birkbeck about the historical and contemporary revolutionary influence of Pluto/Uranus/Saturn waves, last seen in the '60s, currently underway in 2008/9. We discuss a new astrological paradigm in which we are co-creators of reality with the Planets rather than subject to them, and how to experience their energies coming through us rather than AT us. Also covered: President Elect (Momma's Boy) Barak Obama's hidden agenda, Charles Manson and the 60s, and the Awakening of the collective Shadow.

Lyn is the author of several books, including Understanding the Future & Divine Astrology, reviewed at this blog here


Indras Net said...

Hey, im interested in your interview, I have been following the Uranus-Saturn oppositions lately at my blog, and ive also found that they synch with the flowering 6th day of galactic underworld cycles on the mayan calendar, in the renaissance, englightenment, then the flower power 60s. Check it out here, im looking forward to your interview be well

Jasun said...

thanks Indras

scheduled follow up with LB has been postponed due to a recent upheaval. Hopefully will happen but not for a while.