Saturday, April 03, 2010

What You Really Didn't Want to Know About Masturbation

When a person fantasizes about another person (sexually or not, and with or without auto-erotic stimulation), two things occur:

1) They begin to create an intent, the directed energy of desire, which, if persisted in, gives rise to a thought form or tulpa made up of the accumulated energy of that intent/desire. Whether or not they ever intend to act on their desire, the person is effectively creating a surrogate reality in which their fantasy can become real. The person fantasized about then becomes - potentially at least - an active threat to that surrogate reality, for obvious reasons (anything they do that contradicts it will cause the fake reality to tremble and collapse). This is seen so often in cases when stalkers end up murdering the object of their desires, as the only way to keep them "in line." Also, once a thought form is sufficiently energized, the original person who inspired it might well be seen as "expendable."

2) The second thing that occurs, actually inseparably from the first process described, is that the person fantasizing is sending out energy threads to the person fantasized about, so causing a degree of entanglement to occur - even if the object is totally oblivious to the fantasizer's existence (as in the case of movie stars and porn stars). A movie star has already in a sense put his or her energy "out there" and made it available to the whole world. In the terms of Castaneda, they have made themselves accessible, anytime, anywhere, and to anyone who cares to "have" them. This is the nature of fame, both the price and the reward at the same time. So when a person uses images of a star to fantasize about, they are actually absorbing a piece of the star's energy (through the image) into their own. The reason stars don't shrivel up and die in no time is, I suppose, that they are receiving even more energy (probably a lot more) than they are putting out there, coming from these fantasies, and form the relentless, obsessive, attention.

The point is, however, that the person indulging in fantasies about the movie star is not only creating a thought form that follows them around like a kite thereafter, they are also forging an invisible tie - an energy thread - to that star. So the energy pattern created includes all three "parties": subject, object, and thought form. Whatever energy the subject can suck off the star s/he puts into the thought form; but at the same time the star would be able to draw energy from the subject, through the thought form. The star would then grow to resonate more and more with the tulpas created in their image, as a god that gains power from worship and bloodshed. The fan would become ever more dependent on, enslaved to, the tulpa s/he had created and, more subtly, to the star s/he worships, as his/her reality becomes ever more centered around them. (In extreme cases, the obsession becomes active psychosis and the fan stalks the star: the best fictional enactment of this is in Scorsese's marvelous film, The King of Comedy)

The tulpa, in the meantime, would grow ever more substantial and autonomous until, potentially, it took on a life of its own (which may coincide with the fan becoming fully psychotic?). Potentially, many different thought forms, drawing upon the same fantasy object (e.g., Marilyn Monroe, James Dean), would eventually overlap and form an aggregate energy field, and so become veritable "gods" of the postmodern world. They would be animated, I suppose, by the unconscious of the countless fans who "worshiped" them (and by their many ideas about the celebrities being represented).


Anonymous said...

You are reading into things way too much.

Remember, today there will be a drunk guy who has had very few profound thoughts who will have sex with the hottest girl you could ever imagine. And today a guy with no real talent will make thousands and thousands of dollars.

Life is very simple, the failure around you is what makes it seem complicated.

And from this article it appears you jacked off, saw the person later and felt guilty and a loss of power.

Jasun said...

now who's reading too much into things?

it's okay djin, you can carry on jacking off; no one's judging you.

Anonymous said...

Good stuff as always - but I note you didn't mention that, like any magical link, the connection runs *both ways*... A media star receives thousands of orgasmic worship-zaps due to this and I'm sure some of them are perfectly aware of this. It may even nourish them.

(An idea I first saw in print somewhere in RAW's "Schrodinger's Cat" trilogy.)

Anonymous said...

There is a lot of half truth to what you're saying. You seem to think that people's aura's don't have natural buffers from remote attachement and influence. 10 fat masturbators can all fantasize about the same movie or porn star and never gain access to that star's aura, and the star might or might not receieve energy from that "fan". It takes a lot more than intent, obsessive thought, and sexual activity to suck off of the energy of another person, these exchanges don't just happen because someone wants them to. Yes, thought forms get created that can drain the masturbator, but it doesn't necessarily have anything to do with the object of initial desire. Psychos who are really obsessed force their way into the object's aura, but that's rare. It comes down to the astral immunity and how sealed a person's aura is, etc. It's a lot more complicated than the scenario you lay out. However, the mechanics of what can happen are there, and much of what goes on in couples who have broken up but still have a connection is related to what you're saying. I think once a sexual exchange takes place then the masturbator has a better chance of accessing the aura of the person they have been with. But of some far off stranger? I'd say it depends upon the movie star or famous person being fantasized about. It seems like some of them are pawns for this sort of thing, and they want to feed on all that energy. Paris Hilton is a great example of what you're talking about: a star set up to be a fantasy thought form generator. But how many men with any consciousness are going to think of HER when they masturbate?

Jasun said...

thanks anon; some of these posts, such as this last, are "tossed off" (heh) as responses to questions at the forum and meant as an invitation to discussion, more than as finished arguments. "What if..."s to provoke debate.

Your response brings that home very nicely.

catvincent .... how do you mean i didn't mention that? "The reason stars don't shrivel up and die in no time is, I suppose, that they are receiving even more energy (probably a lot more) than they are putting out there, coming from these fantasies, and form the relentless, obsessive, attention."

Anonymous said...

heh Djin, formed of smokeless fire, you are new at this. When you publish a few books, make some movies create something original, then you can criticize.
Using a gold skulled character avatar from early 80's Flash Gordon remake does not make for originality. Ming the Merciless got the girls in that film, and the universe. Apart from the nice sets, the Masonic imagery was very good.

Aeolus i see you are busy again, new projects in the works.
Artist's are sorcerers by the very nature of the work they do.
2010 is the year your work makes contact.
Austin Osman Spare was the pretty good authority on self sorcery. Though Aleister Crowley got into some trouble about 'sacrificing' one perfectly formed 'child' daily,in a none to carefully thought out article.

I guess no one told the chaos, sigil magicians, and temple psychic youth, or Grant Morrison that they would go blind, over their 'evil' magic ways.

Hollywood does have a way with this stuff too. Pee Wee Herman was publicly caught in XXX theater, fined 50 bucks with community service. Marilyn Manson High Priest to Church of Satan -too cool, dated Tracy Lords. Anton Szandor Lavey had no time for wimpy nerdy 'magicians'. Stand up, lift some weights, make money, -then you get the stripper. Psychic entanglement, magick, reality manipulation works, but it's all in our heads. Magic(k) changes the artist working it as much as the 'reality' around them. It's very easy to find a 'knock-off' of the desired type they want. That is also the classic goetic entity deal. They always try and negotiate a cheaper version of the prize, than the sorcerer wants. Two biker chicks -with similar looks rather than the babes you had your heart set on.
Besides what did i just say about the 'magick' changing you as much as the 'real world?' Chances are you would become the 'sucker' delivering their meds, or drawn into their 'esoteric' cult of the day. I will end this by saying 'research' your 'star' first, -bad things happen to people that 'put a spell' on stars trained in the new age.

Jasun said...

Hey PF, nice to see you back ; )

2010 the year of AK, heh? The year all my magikal sigils catch up with me and kick my ass? : 0

How about another tarot spread for my birthday (manana)?

happysplinters said...

So if u are to masturbate over an acquaintance, you affect that acquaintance, which in turn may increase dating chances? or decrease dating chances?

AK is almost entering into the dating advice scene now.

Anonymous said...

Tarot predicted this...
My own reading today had a Magician, -a sorcerer in the present ending with Chariot.
So at least the tarot foresaw the request, and the status of the Querent.
Chariot ruled by Cancer midsummer has a high Jupiter-wealth resonance.
Conquest over difficult odds and the force of destiny to achieve great things. The Master Therion saw this card as 'light in darkness'. The gods magick, the holographic interference pattern that sustains this 'simulation', this universe.
Tarot to follow Aeolus.

Anonymous said...

In regards to the two things that happen when a person fantasizes about another person - this is something that generally happens unconsciously. But what if someone were to fantasize about another person consciously - knowing that energetic threads are created by the fantasies. Would that change the game at all?

You talk about how such fantasizing can lead to stalking, murder, psychosis, etc., but must it always have a negative outcome? And is it always a negative intrusion into the energetic fields of the one fantasized about?

Anonymous said...

This is extended ESP, only assuming a "mass" of energy involved.

Something that science seems to agree is possible.

Next step up is a live concert. Live Aid?

Great article, and site!


Jasun said...

>AK is almost entering into the dating advice scene now.

What do you mean *almost*?

(Dating Advice from AK)

>must it always have a negative outcome? And is it always a negative intrusion into the energetic fields of the one fantasized about?

"Negative" is an electrical term which you are using (like most people) morally. Yet if energy is used to penetrate/violate a person's electromagnetic aura, this would be an aggressive/yang act and therefore "positive."

The energy of surrender is yin/negative in that it entails a sinking deeper into the response (receptivity) rather than staying always on the surface of the expression (active).

To fantasize is active desire, as opposed to receptive desire. It's an imposition not only on the other person but on the entire Universe. Of course we all do it. But there are consequences which, if we were aware of them, we would cease to do it so much, and eventually, to do it at all.

Positive action (goodness) can't be a philosophy of doing but a way of being that comes from tender compliance with a knowing that self-willed action always leads to distortion & suffering. A fully aware person is one who has surrendered to truth and so become a positive force in the Universe: "forward benevolence." The idea of an aware being fantasizing about another being is as absurd as them sacrificing a child to gain immortality. Might as well expect the wind to wear a top hat. It's just not part of a true way of being.

Anonymous said...

Sorry, I know that there are a lot of anonymous posters already, I am a new voice here though, and not part of the previous comments.

Interesting post! I have often wondered about this very thing, being as I have a huge life-long crush on Johnny Depp. I hope he feeds off it. I have no dark intention of stealing his energy like some kind of vampire, but the thought that it creates a connection of some kind is a cool one! :-)

I believe in the randomness of miracles, and who knows, one day, he might just be walking along my street, and notice me.. ;-) Well, you never know!! Could happen!!!

Anonymous said...

Love is Love! I see nothing to fear :)

Anonymous said...

I think the first point of the article is painfully right on the spot.We know it,instinctively,but yet,we still get caught in the trap of ''falling in love''.The wrong way.
Just being aware of it is the best we can do,sometimes.

Anonymous said...

Yep, it's true. Whenever two people are in my name, there I am too. Or one guy and his hand. That's the problem with telepathy, that you know when someone is jerking off to you. Not a pretty picture when it's clergy. Blech.

pijamasurf said...

Here is the Anton Wilson part where a similar star tulpa (made conscious), in it's own hilarious magical way:

"Despite the success of Deep Mongolian Steinem Job, most humans still did not realize that all fantasies tend to become realities, in one universe or another.

"Carol did realize it, however. She was currently involved in approximately 250,000,000 sex acts every hour".

Jason thanks for the great blog i translated your post and published it in my spanish site with some extra synchromystic addendums

Unknown said...

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