Saturday, May 15, 2010

Buy My Book You Bastards

Only four copies been sold so far. And some of you guys still think I'm a Somebody in this Town!?

All copies are signed and come with a free JK DNA sample.

SWEDA Mythic Narrative Series, No.1

Order it today at this blog site.

Over there >>>>


Ryan said...

Ha ha, it's funny how threats are such great ways to make sales start. I just bought it. I can't wait to read this. My current questions about life fall directly under this theme of the mythic narrative which we seem to mindlessly follow an assume that is which we are. The material form with an embedded template of pick and choose characteristics; the ultimate game of our making? Anywhose... I look forward to enriching my mind with yours.

I did enjoy Homoserpiens as well.

Jasun said...


now there's a thought!

Buy this book, you bastards, otherwise i will kill myself on YouTube!

Floyd Anderson said...

How much for just the DNA sample?

Jasun said...

depends if you want blood, saliva,or semen.

Ryan said...

I prefer hair samples, Gattaca style, since it travels easier. BTW, I am Kindle-reading The Secret Life of Movies now and I was just thinking that you might enjoy Richard Kelly's newest flick The Box for some odd reason. Watch it bastard.