Wednesday, June 01, 2011

Watch the Skies

It's coming from down below...


must be a new cat said...

unmotivated light
you've been seen!

Anonymous said...

I beam working my dweeb magic again and made this happen.

Your blog, AK, "Who Am I This Time?", "the socially awkward, but gifted theater actor" ?

Too few seeds for this C Walken film. 'sif read book when can C Walken. C Walken!

Jasun said...

Based on a Kurt Vonnegut story; been a long time since I watched it, think i'll give it a second look.

two become one said...

01:02:56,193 --> 01:03:02,450
In heaven everything is fine

01:03:03,075 --> 01:03:09,331
In heaven everything is fine

01:03:09,540 --> 01:03:11,625
In heaven everything is fine

01:03:16,422 --> 01:03:25,181
You've got your good things
and I've got mine

01:03:29,560 --> 01:03:35,608
In heaven everything is fine

01:03:36,233 --> 01:03:42,281
In heaven everything is fine

01:03:42,490 --> 01:03:49,372
In heaven everything is fine

01:03:49,997 --> 01:03:55,836
You've got your good things
and you've got mine

01:04:02,718 --> 01:04:15,231
In heaven...
...everything is fine

01:09:17,616 --> 01:09:20,536
Ok, Paul!

01:09:27,835 --> 01:09:30,963
Hi ya sonny,
what've you got there?

01:09:54,528 --> 01:09:57,031
Counter, Paul!

01:12:14,168 --> 01:12:16,671
It's ok.

In keeping with said...

the (two) fish theme, I want what I can seldom do and that is, to be not so embarrassed, to recommend an Australian film, Bliss, this one looks to have had a budget of A$3.3 million.

Oh, yeah, it's not a family geared film. Mum, immediately apprehensive about the rest of the film, shortly became obviously uncomfortable, left the room. Dad, looking all cross and confused, "what's THE MATTER with this movie!", in spite of Dad looking a lot like the protagonist in appearance and in need of a similar jolt.

Commandeering Dad's comfy living room chair, our cat just tuned into the existence of the television signal.

Twix said...

Paws like you mean it to the tune of Nothing's gonna stop us now, by Starship.

Meaning in the mundane, IT means everything!

Want a balloon? said...

If you want me to move,
you have to put in a coin.

- Abre los ojos (original title)

They ALL float down here.
When you're down here with us,
you'll float too!

- Pennywise

Minor observation said...

"We're gonna need a bigger boat"....

You must work in symmetry
You must earn their empathy

E.T. working title "A Boy's Life" said...

final wink of The Contrived Kind.