Friday, August 12, 2011

Hang Dog with a Hard On

A musical interlude


CCC said...

Like the music or not, it does demonstrate (that) something takes over.

Why it should take something away from, me, to say that I like (that) something, I don't know, something about fields and decomposition. Good art by Lucinda, by the way.

I'm tossing ideas about a defiled, thought riddled mind, the more it wants to make something right by it, the more it wants to sleep, and the greater the resistance to that.

If I won't defile it, keep the mind holy, when my subconsciousness turns on, me, maybe my consciousness won't turn away.

I only want one thing from my nightmares, to stop combating, bolting (to seed), and scaling fences, only to get diverted and lose my way, ends the dream (of) winding up back home.

Say “I Do” said...

People dying left and right,
I got to bring them flowers.

pueokeokeo said...

Yo, these be the end times.
So better yet,
Hang hard with a Dogon.
Might drop some sirius knowledge on your ass.

"The dogon tried everything he could
to get my ass to see
Told me to look into the sky,
and listen to Sirus B."

Dean Potter said...

groovy........why do cats spoil everything?
try you own version of this for a laugh.Best done after only breathing through the left nostril for a while before getting going with a guitar shuffle.......!
syd barret word song

Stained, glaucous, glycerine, gold, goat, clover
Gold, local stocks, type, food, wild, national, lake, flag,
Valve, gyroscope, sect
Heat, helium, lead, bare, state, invention, medieval
Refraction, faction, ultra-action,
Hunter, interest, bullet, market...

Loads, liquids, neon, heater, jaws, jungle
Mains, signal, knives, kitchen
Ingot, lovely, mirror, mold
Mycenaean, moat, poppy, rubber,
Radar, rags, sugar, teak
Silver, poke, tin, beetroot,
Carrot, ebony, fruit, copper, silk...

Carpet, distant, pigmy, hid, pack,
Timber, pudding, straw
Raindrops, spattering, ramps
Chameleon, prairie, pods, trigger
Museum, scales, square, ultra, out of map, vent
Volcano, vain, wreck, tactic
Tidal, arches, valley, hand
Inflect, impression, loom, last, molten
You gamma, meeting
Lighting, signal, island, coral-cold.


William Hunter Duncan said...

That was not what I expected, linking this way from Reality Sandwich. I especially liked the eye of Ra, and the cat.

Chicken farmer? Yeah? I just put away some juice from my wild cherry tree. Nice house.

I think I'll poke around in the archives awhile, if you don't mind. BTW, I replied to your reply.

CCC said...

You know, just casually, I said to my mother tonight, that I was sorry for being two faced, not the liar but verbally expressing a two faced fatalism (trying to help people), anyway, wrong move... we got into an argument. She's made up her mind that I am crazy (wonderful!) and that I won't eat, despite the fact I repeatedly told her it's a sin a not to eat when you're hungry, it's a covering, I didn't altogether use such language ah but I had my mouth.

That time she asked me to prove it to her, to show her, a sign, when I told her how the hair on my head would literally lift up (probably leaky), not the friendly touch or loving deed from a stranger spiked hair on your head feeling, much more real, and still far from the heart emanation (when awake). Yeah, like I could turn it on, for you, like a switch, bbbbbbitch, well, I turned only to give her a wretched and sour face reaction. I was on my way to seeding heaven, piling up treasure, the bitch still won't believe me that we can feel, say, random pleasure instead of random pain, because it's too far removed from her hell, heads must roll. I want to scream and let out the beast, taking us further away and we're back once more to seeding our hell. Not even the lamb did convince her, not true, I was never the lamb, in front of her.

I had a mild doppelgänger visitation in my dream one night recently, looking in the mirror, I saw two other me, the one that spoke was my mind, snarling and saying I wasn't worthy of addressing myself in the third person using my Christian name, anyway, my reflection split from me to go and attack someone and I caught up behind it and broke something over its head. I woke up kind of weary of possession.

Kind of cool. Heh. I recall now when I was in my fondly remembered under-the-sea trance long ago now, I felt something freaky would take place if I stood and stared in a mirror, I wondered over to my brother's place, looking for a mirror, it looked as if I had found it, I asked if he had a knife, supposedly to cut open the palm of my hand and shake his with it, presumably showing a sign of I'm-here-and-I'll-be-back for you, brother, yea, admittedly, that's crazy, and had he said yes to the knife which was on his kitchen counter beside his drugs, a burnt crystalline substance heating on the stove top, things would have gone bad that day.

Anyway, this is two-face, signing off. One final morning masturbation and she'll be right as rain. I'll have all day to NOT inquire and conquer sleep, turn my eye single, effectively giving every other fuck the finger less it strikes me as the right thing to go back for them, fuck that shit. Knowing (spirit) first, then knowledge (female). Male (having one's soul) auto-magically means females (horn of temptation).