Wednesday, November 30, 2011

A Sorcerer's Corner: Carlos Castaneda's Doomed Romance with Knowledge

Image by Lucinda Horan


the juvenile said...

The flood was Noah's (vagine)?

"Judging by his books, Carlos' downfall came about because he insisted on clinging to a personal perspective in which it was up to him to do something with the knowledge he had been given (something besides communicate it, that is)."

Arlington Steward: There are 2 ways to enter the final chamber; free or not free, the choice is ours.

WORD VERIFICATION premine said...


Devolution R Us said...

"Writing to retrain/silence the internal dialogue is like fighting fire with fire..."

I've but two sites open: Sorcerer's Corner and Talking Heads "Burning Down the House"

Drew! Wish he'd hurry up and save the world, but don't look hopeful, like my harping.

CCC said...

I wish again I was par-3 with your level of communion, Theofilia, pretty easy to achieve, (your) Just walk, it is, I is, fucking mad dog, insane that I do not take it up already, Drew even, his feet assignment, not so easy, but I think you're all still quite deceived like I understand I am, possess a partial soul you might, you are not yet saved -- until that is communicated, affective our world not only your perspective of it, Joseph Campbell and yore -- until you are totally who you make yourself out to be, the standard of Jonah.

My wisdom tooth's caved in and its sharp edge is cutting into my cheek, because that's what I've been giving ya'll, cheek. I love God, so righteous!

I love God, holding back an evil grin, really, IT's the ultimate ninja being, cutting down trees to an unchained melody, twin towers for the LuLs, blowing up (hic) town banks with a drunken fervor, courtesy Archangel Michael, this is the work of your jealous God, the serpent force, versus those serpent kind whom try and assume his work and balance checks in his temple that we are and we are in. I am I am. A real religious man. Good work... 'is sarcasm, not so good sacrifice, dummy of Satan!

Feed me, See more!

Check out Mr. Businessman
(Oh, ho ho)
He bought some wild, wild life
On the way to the stock exchange
(Oh, ho ho)
He got some wild, wild life
Break it up when he opens the door
He's doin' wild, wild life
I know that's the way you like it
(Wo ho)
Living wild, wild life

Pew, I stink, but we're all in this stench together, kid. Dun dun. Dun dun! Enter Tuttle to save the day! I could cry. Exit Tuttle, consumed by paperwork.

CCC said...

I feel like I'm a wizard using the healing spell,” Reffsgaard said.
Reffsgaard said he has used Qigong many tomes to help heal injured friends, including Krenik, who recently fell and hurt his leg in gym class.
“At first, I was like, ‘How on earth is he going to heal me?’ when it was hurting,” Krenik recalled. “When he used it, I was like, ‘Woah, what just happened?’”

Cool story, kid.
Are we gonna start relaying internet memes? Too late.

The Sorcerer and the White Snake (2011) is a pretty decent movie, I can't recall the monks using tomes to recall healing spells though. I'm use "hehe." in place of Drew's characteristic "haha.". hehe.

CCC said...

This is stupid. Drew is the genuine article, NO QUESTION, and yet, he's a question alright, isn't it obvious what makes Drew, Drew, but Drew? He sees the moon, sees no finger pointing save his own, common only to certain breeds of canine closest to the throne of God. Drew's NOT NORMAL, his personality lends credence to MIND YOGA, no second thought means second sight, he stacks up nothing besides activities to proliferate the Qi Movement least of which in his body, his Hempel, is being built for him, it could be self sustaining but we don't yet have a controlled fusion, boys and girls. He needs to fuse the switch to the ON position at the reactor console. hehe. Fuck I hate sucking myself off, love its fruits, one being knowledge, we process (with) stones, blocking(computing) with switches. Dreaming is different. In esoteric circles dreaming awake can be called Swimming. Defiling oneself has the effect of defiling oneself, funny that, will you delete all my comments please? Oh never mind. There's cold drink.

David Timms said...

Dear Mr Kephas,
Please will you start doing a regular Podcast again.


Bible in Basic English said...

<< But, if I do that which I have no mind to do, I am in agreement with the law that the law is good. >>

There it is. Reading through was an experience.

We know what sets the doll to Evil, but what sets this doll to Good?

Now I'm concerned with when, when, Lord, when? What you say? There's a stone right there? Oh. A switch. *click* Woah! Our doorbell actually rings, fuckin' A.

I wuv you, Homey!

Anonymous said...

Om namah shivaya..

Theofilia said...

CCC dude, do you know what you're so angry at me?
In my blog today I mentioned you...

K., As per my mention over at RS, I found your-on-CC writng REALLY interesting. . .

CCC aka SED said...

But I've singled you out, Theofilia, because more is expected of you.

[Read the second comment I made from the URL in my name field, it's a little less FULL RETARD.]

Is there a problem, so show the world your siddihis, can't? Amp it up the only way we seem to know how, WITH TEXT, right, that's gonna work wonders.

This your body is not going to live forever, I forgot, in a way, we are already God and one another, so the most high can't too fussed about this one personality, but he's sent me, so, wink.

We are where we're meant to be, that is where SHE, the law, has placed you.

Your body is not getting any younger. And you're not going to heaven which is your body in subtle occulted form.

Rest your head on a Jacob's stone, in a direction particular to YOUR heaven, and it's done. And everything... will be fine.

You, you're more or less doing it, but you're too complacent with your progress, Theofilia, you'll have to keep that one from your spirit if you want to keep up your transgressions here.

Why don't you believe enough to leave it all up to HER? We need to quit defending our knowledge and put real knowledge to the test.

If the Christian's only knew they had to get their asses into a position to be choo-choo-chosen, they've to lift HIM up before HE'LL do the same, for you, the real siddihis of say being physically levitated for all eyes to see.

This my comment was written in a rush so I'm not too happy about it, its content nor am I happy about fussing with replies when I was geared up to be done with it all. It's obvious to me you do need another wake up call like we all do, but I ain't your saviour.

derp derp derp said...

Just don't submit any of these my replies or comments, J, and give it no second thought, no gallstone.

Here's fool-hardy Jonah with his SIGNs/cards. Turns out he may have been trolling us?

I can't find the fable to link to of some religious devouts or other who see the true nature of the world and themselves and leave it all behind, not the world, but its nature. There's one lost sheep amongst them who doesn't quite get it or believe verily them, and he stays behind to learn more worldly lessons. He eventually see the folly in his actions and meets up with the others on a higher plane or some shit.

Fucking non-stick coating on this baking tray is flaking off contaminating my pastry. Like it matters.

need a cute cat pic, stat!

thanks for all the wayward fish said...

It was my hope "The Guatemaya Rabbit Hole" would be his last post.

CCC said...

You know what's crazy, typing out a e o l u s k e p h a s . b l o g s p o t . c o m every what would be 5 minutes for the last x number of years instead of bookmarking it. More fuckin' stones to pass. Actually, can you just not submit my crap and reply now with a full stop, thank you.

Anonymous said...

Can't read anything that long, kephas, more audio please.

Theofilia said...

CCC, you talk about carrots and I'm talking about grapes, lol.

If you want to see what I mean have a look at my "On Rapture musings &" - june 2/09.

&, "A World Beyond Perspectives and Conceptions" Oct. 23/09 -with riff on consciously "seperating from the (flesh) body".

pueokeokeo said...

CCC, It's not THAT you connect to, that is giving you stones to pass. It's HOW you connect to it that is giving you stones to pass.

Any grin, evil or not, turned upside down is grief. Maybe tuning into your grief (God's grief) while logging on to the aeolus site will ease the passage.

Please don't feel like you have to respond.

Anonymous said...

RS ain't THAT bad (is it?).