Wednesday, November 09, 2011

“You say you want a revolution – you better free your mind instead!”

Curious to note: oppressive regimes, etc, are the result of collective & individual blocked psychic energies, and therefore they are helpful to us as the means to identify an internal blockage/tyranny/oppression (mind over body, for example, or sensuality over spirituality). And so, when individuals band together to try and overcome external regimes of oppression, is that a way to symbolically enact a clearing of the channels within, or is it the means to avoid really looking at what’s going on inside and kid ourselves that we can fix ourselves by fixing our social circumstances?

Personally, I lean towards the latter POV, and YET… I am such a skeptic, or cynic, or as I like to think, a rigorous thinker, that I can’t help but wonder even if attempts to sort ourselves internally are missing the point too? The ego (constructed ID) is the only petty tyrant we need to “worry” about, and the ego runs the program of the self – so all our attempts to dethrone it are infiltrated from the start – like a King who creates his own rebellion in order to weed out the free-thinkers and destroy them.

Put more simply: if the root of our trouble, as individuals and as a society, is the illusion of being a separate entity apart from the greater intelligence system of the Universe, then the solution to that is to realize and accept that there is nothing that we can – or even need to -”do” about it, because we don’t exist as a separate volitional entity ANYWAY.


Eos said...

But then wouldn't we just be going along with someone else's distorted ego illusion and becoming increasingly more alienated from the truth? And if not, if going along with the perverted ego delusions of our 'rulers' isn't going to do us any harm, then how is going along with our own perverted ego delusions going to do us any harm? So we might as well rebel just as well as we might as well not rebel. When the planetary levels and the individual body levels are compared to the universal level, don't they essentially become identical? Or is that what you're saying?

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Jasun said...

yep that's what i'm saying - and yep it's a paradox - how do we "do" from a place of knowing that we are not the doer?

I've said it before, but it seems to me about letting go of long or even medium-term goals and focusing on what is necessary to survive and what gives us enjoyment.

sometimes those combine - like starting a vegetable garden, which i am doing right now - and for sure it's an individual thing. Self-work or even social activism MIGHT come under enjoyable/necessary for some people; that doesn't mean a) that it is inherently meaningful or anything more than a way to pass the time, or b) that it's necessary or enjoyable for everyone.

It's desirable to get free of the "group mind" (perverted ego delusions of our "rulers") but the will to change/social reform/self-work is also an expression of the group mind: it's a meme and that means it doesn't originate in YOU. That makes it dodgy, IMO.

But I don't know what the f*** I am talking about, really, which is sort of the point.

I'm really only saying that it is best not to assume anything, and therefore, stick with what I know, which is what's necessary for my well-being, and what I enjoy.

Hugh Andrew said...

Keep building with experimentation, errors, correction and choice.

Understand the synergy between doing and knowing. Don't forget your brain dual processes: task-oriented consciousness and Default Mode Network (DMN).

In other words...we DO things so that we can enhance our state of knowing...The ultimate marriage is to DO and KNOW simultaneously in an ever converging process.

Eos said...

Well, I've been feeling (and telling those close to me) that the world is in a constant state of paradox, which of course means it's not and is again and isn't again and is again, ad infinitum...and that for me a piece of the key is to embrace that awareness and do...pretty much what you said...what I know I want to do and what I know I need to do, and to find the meeting point between the two, knowing that it will be revealed as long as I maintain awareness of what has gone and what is going on within and without me to the best of my ability. In other words: Gambarimasu!!!

God's gift to the world said...

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If that's true, which it is, our species is going about love all wrong, finer and finer sirens are supposed to chase/choose/test/take you (down) but not because they have any choice in the matter!

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CCC said...

Digging for news.

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Drunken Master said...

The only thing to realise is that there is nothing you can do about anything.

Drunken Master said...

There are no "things" anyway... which helps when considering this POV that there is nothing that we can "do".

CCC said...

Your latter comment needs patching, not your initial which I wish to frame, DM.

I'm can't hold out for anymore replies/patches to my field, nor "do" I wish to say anything more and be called upon to repeat it, that's the serpents', sorry, the lord's job, total recall. And next to the lord, people are the most important thing. I've been warned. Taking heed now of my body/aura and setting the live-and-let-live keystone accordingly let the lord be judge what to let die. Oh how uptight she can get to hear what you're going to "do" ahead of time.

Drunken Master said...

The first comment was something Alan Watts said that I framed when I heard it, and was reminded of here by Mr. Kephas.
I also framed these words of his... nothing is more important than anything else.

"Oh how uptight she can get to hear what you're going to "do" ahead of time."
The best laid schemes o' mice an' men, gang aft agley.

sounder said...

While many may agree that the root of our trouble is the illusion of being a separate entity apart from the greater intelligence system of the Universe, it need not follow that because one is not a separate volitional entity that there is no volitional element that is natural or expected to come from that given aspect or fragment of GISOTU.