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Lycaeus said...

wicked song!

Zara said...

Farewell Aeolus Kephas, wind guided Shemsu-hor.

Anonymous said...

sorry, i must confess i got a little bit pissed about the implications of these whole series and went to a rush

my point is that these abnormalities of brain growht maybe are pathological, and this perceptual enhancement of "the mimetic culture" is actually pathological too ... it's like when berman points that art is an expression of a determinate distribution of the body -- a bioenergetic one. As pointed by john zerzan: more elaborated and complex rituals are often found in socities with hierarchies and domination ... at this light, both the mimetic autistic and the neurotypical reactions are both sides of the same coin: a culture (a context) that has been progressively more centered on the head. Winkelman aknowledges that: mimesis starts first as a bodily function, but then goes "nonmodular" and catches new zones of the brain

actually abnormal brain-growht could be due for increasingly devastating birth practices --it's known that traumatic births often result in an inability of the brain to eliminate the excess of brain matter that the infant births with (it's the same process that happens when a bone breaks and it's recomposed: first there's this whole ball of raw matter and then the body eliminates it until conform the bone again, like an sculpturer does with a rock) ... so this hypersensibility of the autistic brain could be due actually to malfunctioning of the brain -- actually there's some work about creating savant skills applying currents to the right brain.

so let's say there's more
energy in the head of autistics --this model is discussed in "The Age of autism"-- and that causes increased perception and/or paranormal experiences --i'm thinking about pineal gland piezoelectric propierties for the sake of the argument, but i really haven't any science to say that. But this is the question: is this healthy? not according to chinese medicine model: actually the excess of energy drains the energy of the rest of the organs in the body, so the emotional base is at his best distorted, non-existent at his worst. Not to say in this model organs play an important role in perception -- for example, reflection is linked with the bladder

I must say i'm arguing this from direct and painful experience --it's really sad to start having this little balance in the body at age 31 ... tai chi practice is giving me that, though at a slow pace ...

so this is the problem i have with this tendency to depict autistic mind as some sort of indigo children or something: it's located within a cultural framework that builds up a bodily configuration (judeochristian in this case: actually you pointed that the artist "redeems" society). i have no doubt there's some truth in that discourse. i think it was in that book of that it is argued that autism is some sort of pre-patriarchal hormonal constelation (surely brought up by stressed birth deliveries), but that's happening on a context -- and as you point that context is pathological ...

so i think that putting autistic above neurotypicals --to argue they have purer intent than the controllers, or to say they are overqualified for the social task -- it's a continuation of these cultural trends, some kind of holier-than-thou ... take for example this post Zen and hara training: brain growth plays little role in the ""nonverbal" philosophical approach of Japanese culture".(Berman argued too that zen is remainder of this equalitarian hunter-gatherer bodily configuration in "The Wandering God")

Unknown said...

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