Thursday, September 08, 2011

The End of the World: When, What, and for the Love of God, Why?!!

Perhaps the “end of the world” is no more nor less than a species coming of age, a shamanic rite of passage which only individuated psyches will be prepared for? That is, those individuals who have owned their personal shadow and established an INNER sense of the real, outside of external/collective definitions and values (the group mind). Since it would be the end of the unwritten “consensus” which agrees that reality is outside of us, for those whose only reality is outer and not inner-generated, it will be very much the end of the world.

This may be an evolutionary process – consensus reality/the group mind being the matrix-chrysalis-womb that allows the fetal consciousness of humanity to come to term. Leaving that matrix-womb would be every bit as terrifying and unfamiliar as leaving the first womb was to us, and every bit as wrenching. The group mind, like the mother’s body, provides us with a sense of comfort, familiarity, safety, and identity; as such, we depend on it just as much as an unborn fetus depends on *its* environment.

Leaving the group mind would be akin to death as well as birth: cast into an unknown realm in which we have no choice but to generate reality from what we have within us. Human consciousness would then change its spin – perhaps overnight?! – from passive reception to creative transmission. Surviving that apocalyptic transition will depend entirely on the degree to which we have integrated and “owned” our individual inner (shadow) content, because otherwise we must face it outside of us. . .

This is such a complex question, and of course it's what everyone wants to know. But there may be an even more complex question, relating to how much our focus on external "events" and our adherence to a linear timeline might be keeping us in the fetal-consciousness of consensus reality, and thereby preventing the "event" from happening?

Suppose it has already happened, and we are simply reliving all the events leading up to it, in that final, definitive moment of species death/birth? For me, the question is always personal/individual - where am I situated in myself/my own evolution? And when, if ever, will I break through into a fully REAL-ized, individuated/liberated state of being? When, Oh Lord, when?

I think that's all we need to concern ourselves with (if that!), and yet, paradoxically, since our outer environment, local and non-local, mirrors our inner state, it pays to keep a close watch on our world also, as a way to gauge where we're at.

The idea of "the end of the world" strengthens the idea of the world; the idea of the dissolution of the ego, strengthens the idea of an ego. Yet neither the world nor the ego exist, really, as a fixed or final reality, outside of our agreement to perceive them as real.

So then the idea of a collective species awakening, etc, strengthens the idea that we are part of a collective. This is both good and bad, probably, because it is both true and not true - it's an idea that is becoming true on the one hand, and which is truer than we dare face up to, on the other. I think we are currently caught in the shadow of the idea of being a collective. The group mind (Piscean age, womb, matrix) is giving over to the Aquarian (Promethean) awakening to the reality of our utter aloneness and isolation, a necessary crossing of the Abyss that will give rise to individuated solar beings which can then, but only then, come together and form a tribe - a collective being which is perhaps infinitely more heart, and body, than "mind"?

Getting to the nuts and bolts of this question, I have long "intuited" (never sure where it comes from, maybe wishful thinking) that 2012 would be "the beginning of the end." For the Maya it is when the old systems begin to collapse and give over to a new way of being/perceiving. To my mind that entails a full recognition of the nature of our predicament, and hence is when the machinery of the shadow begins to emerge into concrete expression. A truly terrifying time is ahead of us, I believe. That shadow machinery would then be fully manifest by 2017, at which point some sort of external intervention would occur. (What's that Joe Campbell said, about only finding the light in the deepest shadow?) However, this is probably an optimistic scenario, as it looks to me like it's going to take more than five years for a whole species to be fully confronted with its shadow. But I optimistically predict it for myself, at least! : /

It's like an end game theater of higher and lower self (and yet the lower self is the deeper self, is the higher self!): we first have to see what we have turned ourselves into, as a species, and experience the full, horrendous truth of our complete enslavement to our lower natures. Whether this enactment entails environmental chaos or tyrannical government oppression, or both, or some unimagined factor, remains to be seen. But only then - in the deepest part of our own shadow - will we see what we really ARE. Enter the Other, divine or extraterrestrial emergence, which comes from within, and yet, mysteriously and magikally, intervenes from without.


su said...
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Anonymous said...

Thank you for this post.
The way I see it is, the shadow, or fear, is really connected to the fear of death. If we try to simplify everything to the max, it all comes down to death, that great mystery. Why does the world keep running? Why do people just keep going around, living, running away from the present moment? If we really think things through, nothing is really worth doing, except maybe loving (but even this brings pain). So I think that what keeps this dream of ours going is the fear of death. What is death? Maybe what's coming is really death for the human species, because we haven't really achieved an understanding, and an acceptance of that which IS, and that is Death/Life itself. We keep going around, running, conquering, me me me, more more, blind to the true nature of everything. The Universe as a Teacher will teach us the Truth. If we don't understand this Truth in time, the Truth will overrun us. "If Mohammed won't come to the mountain, the mountain must come to Mohammed".

So what about the individuated ones? Will they be spared and transferred to the "New Earth" because they come to terms with Death/Life? In studying the different religions and traditions it would seem that that is the case, the promised land etc. But isn't that just the manifestation of an archetype? The promise of a better place for the faithfull, heaven, etc. Hope, faith, is that which keeps the individuated mind alive and going, in participating in the dream, making things better, with the promise of a reward. After he/she finds the source of everything, an enormous pressure on the whole being, an existential paranoia is always lurking in the corner threatening, doubt, insecurity. For me what works best is to just let go of all that stuff in the mind, all those ideas. But they keep coming back... Maybe it's the ego wanting the game to keep going, so it makes all this stuff up, using imagination: promised land, the afterlife, alien beings, ascension etc. And if we really believe this things they even might become real in our reality tunnel. It's all about what we wish, want, imagine, it's a mirror. Endlessly confusing. That which makes me at peace with all that shit are those pure moments of silence where the Beautiful Emptiness talks to me, and in those moments it tells me everything is ok, and everything will always be ok, so don't worry.


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