Wednesday, October 19, 2011

The Guatemaya Rabbit Hole

Rainy season ends in Guatemaya this month, and Mitch Fraas and I are offering shaman tours of Guatemaya for cost-only (buy your ticket and pay for your expenses, and we'll put you up and show you the Mayan rabbit hole). Mitch is based in Santiago (where he will be building a house over the coming months), and I am based in Panajachel, where visitors will stay (see below)

The guest bungalow.

Mitch's working partner is the shamanic tour guide Dolores Ratzan, who was previously married to Martin Pretchell, the well-known author (his book Secrets of the Talking Jaguar is about his time as a shaman in Santiago Atitlan).


Like Pretchell, Mitch belongs to the Copre Dia, the shaman brotherhood based in Santiago whose deity is Maximon.

For more information on what a shaman tour with Mitch and I entails, go to Mitch and I can be heard in conversation here. If interested, contact me via my profile.


Nick said...

I was quite astonished to see a picture of lake atitlan on your blog as I have been getting very deep into Martin's books. I've been following your work for awhile now and it seems, well, quite different then the teachings of Martin...sometimes synchronicity makes no sense to me.

Jasun said...

Hi Nick,

yep, I've little interest in MP's work except for his connection to Dolores... I read JAGUAR but that's all...

The thing with synchronicity is that it is always somewhat personal, IMO; I don't really understand the notion of collective synchronicity - as it seems that from a collective POV, everything is synchronized...

Nick said...

Dolores is a main character in Stealing Benefacio's roses, maybe worth giving it a read, you may enjoy the myth of the toe bone and the tooth which is told in that book.

I read Your article about Mirror Neurons while I was in the middle of Stealing Benefacio's roses and it brought me great pleasure to know I was entraining my brain state to an ancient tradition.

Cheers, I always enjoy your writing, even when it leaves a bitter taste.