Tuesday, January 10, 2012

The Energetic Facts of Life

Art by Mitch Fraas


WORD VERIFICATION croscasi said...

"The sins of the mothers and fathers are on your head now. So live it up if you want to live them down."

I like and living it!

Slept through half a day and night after a period of 24 in what time awake I might come to recognize as base spirit desire un-rationed-rational reactionary land.

Dreamt of being sent, by a tribesman, adrift down a current of water, then came an "open box" minotaur which I felt to be, on a head hunt, bare-breasted damsels in distress from a clan of sadistic wackos, and cavalry on the side of clueless.

Going out of One's way to save cats and dogs that only get mutilated through and by One's fickle vision. Like taking pre-mix cakes and offerings to you chosen congregation.

I lost and loving it.

WORD VERIFICATION ovolow said...

Shit. Like. You are not the only One center of the universe. Steep, man.

Theofilia said...

WV's "premath" translation?

"each human being is a minature model of the universe, a microcosmic version of the entire Creation, just as each tiny sequoia seed contains an entire giant redwood tree."


Charles Stone said...

For some time I have been perusig your book: The Lucid View! You metion that JFK was atoning in a way for the sins of others! Have you see the recent book Me & Lee ny Judyth Vary Baker which finally provides detailed evidence about the events preceding the killing and more its importance. My associate, Iona Miller has published in Paranoia and on DMT. Here is my website: www.washingtontiger.weebly.com Check out our Tavistock video! Your comments are appreciated. Charles W. Stone

Jasun said...

Not seen it no, and my serpent's path has taken me a long way from JFK and C-theories (or fact) these daze.

Thanks for sharing tho.