Monday, January 09, 2012

EVOL is the Answer

Alejandro Jodorowsky: “I liked Lady Gaga’s meat dress. It was funny. But I did that first in my Panic performance. Maybe she has seen what I’ve done – I don’t know. I like to think her song Alejandro was written for me. Her music is interesting. It’s interesting because it’s very free. But it has no meaning because what she’s singing has no hope. It is without hope. It’s only about revolution, which isn’t enough. We need a re-evolution right now, not a revolution. We need something new. Lady Gaga has a lot of energy and that is fantastic, but she is using old Surrealist images. Surrealism was necessary – essential, even – in the 1920s to bridge the gap between rationalism and the subconscious. It started something important. But by the early 60s, it had become petit-bourgeois; it was too intellectual and romantic, and had ground to a halt. It had become respectable. They didn’t like science fiction or rock music or… let’s not make a list: the Surrealists didn’t like anything! I needed to go further than Surrealism, and that’s why I formed Panic. Surrealism – in particular with Salvador Dali – was all about ego. It was all about extreme individualism. And it’s the same with Lady Gaga. But today, individualism is over: to make a change and do something new – to truly wake up people’s minds – we have to do something collective, together as a social community. No more Dali, no more Magritte – no more working just for yourself. We have to work as one. We can do it. We can do it. I sound like Barack Obama now…”
(see here)

The collective ego knows all about revolution

The individual ego knows all about creative self-expression

Both are now obsolete, because the Powers That Be have fully incorporated them into the Program

What remains? To turn the Paradigm on its Head, like so:

1) Individual Revolution - the overturning of the False Self and the hacking into the AI-program, the Culture Parasite which imprisons consciousness (socio-religious conditioning, etc)

2) Collective Creative Expression, organized group spontaneity directed towards catalyzing and harnessing the energy of 1)

Out of which comes the Third Thing

This seems to have something to do with Reversing the Flow of (our culturized-Darwinified idea of) Evolution, also? Since the active element of EVOL-ution = LOVE.

This may also pertain to the notion of swarm intelligence. Hence Anonymous' Fascination for BEES.


pueokeokeo said...

murmur murmur

murmurational intelligence

the beauty of starlings -- my darlings

If love is the active element of evolution , then gratitude is what activates that active element even in the aftermath of grief that comes about from that feeling the touch of that active element . Gratitude makes love so

being together, I wouldn't think, is not enough for organized group spontaneity to catalyze energy for the "third thing" to come into consciously lived experience of the group . The one thing that is needed is gratitude by each individual participating in the endeavor. So this is where the individual revolution comes into play, or must come into play, as you say, Jason. If I am not living inside of a practice , or way, that gives me easy access to gratitude, then any group activity that I participate in will be missing that "third thing" -- both for the individual and the collective. And the only reason that gratitude exists , for me personally anyway, is to make forgiveness real, or as another activated element emanating from love.

Gratitude exists on it's own of course, through my very being, but does not become a part of the collective until I (with help of the ego) make it a "doing", at the very least on the inner level. And I'm usually not doing it (consciously expressing gratitude) unless I am consciously and actively petitioning for forgiveness to the parts of the body (and greater earthbody) that are in pain and grief. Like peas and carrots , forgiveness and gratitude just go together (must be brought together). And this has me wondering if one who considers herself/himself "anonymous" is not able to connect to that gratitude which is the activating force of love, the active element -- at least when it comes to the collective ... you know , with that whole "we do not forgive. we do not forget" mumbo jumbo ... but perhaps that is part of the joke? ... anonymous cannot forgive, perhaps, because it is a collective and it cannot forget because it is a collective. Anyhoo-hoo ... at least "we will never repent" is not a part of the anonymous schtick.

Mr. Mystery said...

What do you mean by "love"?

pueokeokeo said...

When life is in the middle of being lived in gratitude, love is what responds. If you are already living in gratitude, then you already know what love is. Gratitude is an active affair and love is an activated affair (activated by gratitude) that is beyond our ability to grasp but not beyond our ability to be touched by. As I alluded to in my previous comment love is inseparable from grief when it comes to being a human. I would say that in my case , I said no to being actively grateful for so long because I knew the grief that it would bring with the love that swoops in as a result of that lived, breathing gratitude. Now that I'm able to live inside of a practice that is one of living gratitude, I am more able to say "I'm sorry" which is the first step in being able to handle that grief. Forgiveness follows. Then gratitude . Then love. Then more grief. And on and on, etc.

Hugo Alexandre said...

Lies, lies, lies. We have to move away from discourse. That's the real love-e-lution. Away from structures. Away from events. More into the self. More into the ephemeral. Away from Lady Gaga or Alejandro or any other kind of established "visual artist". Lies, lies, lies.


You cannot drink the cup of the Lord and the cup of demons too;

Here it is? Omit sharing more material that you can never send.

And emit it. Is having got no one to listen. You are the event.