Tuesday, April 24, 2012

The Key to Writing & Writers

"I perceive a necessary gap between seeing and being. I would not be able to have said certain things if I had been under the obligation to unify the word and the deed. As it is I can let my words reach out and net impossible things - things that are impossible for me to do. And this is a way to pay the price for saying or seeing things.

"I've been impressed by the extent to which one gets sentenced by one's own sentences. One explores certain things in play and then in a strange way they become commitments which one has to live. I have gained a deep respect for the demonic power of the word. Words are not idle. They have consequences."

Norman O. Brown


Thrwnyr said...

Thank you conscience.

Mars said...

A side effect of
stream of consciousness
That would

Shed light
On the mood
Of any given moment

(Even one big long one)

an awful thought...all a dream? said...

Decide nothing just Flee willy.

I had poopy pants. Doing what I can! said...

Let me guess, you went and bought a more capable mobile or getting new use out of your old one? Man's tack on tech at the hour of the completion of sin (God).

Why is you cleaning up after the cat's shit. Strikes me as an inefficient (matrix) program. The Matrix worx for you, it requires embedding, your integration.

Your old message processing was better, let none of it through, better yet, chop it all out. God, man animal, n33ds punishment and the answer, Jesus Christ.

Answer this, as opposed to deleting it, and I'd probably fracture my arm whacking off, in other words, don't, damage is done, please do continue to delete.

Is There Anybody Out There? Chimes God forsaken.

Anonymous said...

And I will continue to purge π.

Jasun said...

I deleted the post about your dream because it was just too much like you were turning this space into your own private therapy couch, and leaving it there would be tantamount to encouraging you to continue in that vain, not to mention irrelevant to others who visit this blog.

Show a little discrimination and self-respect, why don't ya?

You're right tho, maybe the old way was better.

The Love factory said...

No, no, I didn't want my pigswill left up.

I'm just a machine, testing the world with my dick-cheese.

And feeling, I know flailing my dick around succeeds in distancing your target audience when you're trying to set them up for something.

Nothing passes me by, besides my life, but that fact can't be more apparent.

I'm real and I'm a problem child.

This is your couch time. I see a corpse, agitated, by my agitations.

You're right too, I still need my bum wiped.

Self-respect. OK, the why. Why is, morality, and social conventions the same, you know they're just tantamount to colour, and NOT tantamount to getting to the point, the mountain top, where we can be in total love for world and its idiosyncrasies.

I care about suffering because you're me! But I don't feel love, pff nope, nothing there, but I know how it's made. I know how to get in Contact with luciferian entertainment limited, and it's obvious to me why obviously you don't, it's not obvious to me why you won't save why you don't.

Jasun said...

I'll put it more simply: comments with no entertainment value, luciferian or otherwise, will be deleted. This blog is for entertainment purposes only.

Got it?

The last comment is good tho.