Wednesday, April 04, 2012

Whitley's Onion


JSteveKane said...

I have really enjoyed these last two articles.Both you and whitley have the uncanny knack of regularly resonating with me.I like you and many others am vulnerable to, and cautious of being taken in by "cult like" leaders so it was interesting to see Whitley" descibed in this way. incidentally my brief experience/involvement with sweda a couple of years ago was a particularly healthy period of my life

Mike Clelland! said...


You should read a book titled MUTANTS AND MYSTICS by Jeffery Kripal.

You will very much like the overall content, but the final chapter is all about Whitley Strieber, and how he meets the checklist of a modern mystic.

It is quite beautifully written. And I very much like the author's overall set of ideas about UFOs, comic books and profound "religious" experiences.

Mike C!

Jasun said...

Have ordered the book, thanks.