Saturday, January 16, 2010

The Root of All Paranoia

Post at the SW forum:

We are all always living in the end-times

What's happening now is the collective awakening to this awareness: the living presence of death in our lives.

Since death is the only thing that is forever, it is our closest actual "knowing" about God.

So, the majority can only know God by dying.

Paranoid awareness is the beginning of the intimation of the divine that is moving behind (and orchestrating) all things. Because we haven;t integrated an awareness of our mortality, this then becomes malevolent, since we know, in our bodies, that the force behind everything is intimately connected to our annihilation.

PS. New podcast at Vagabond Blues: More freee-associative folly from Jason Kephas, on consciousness as a vehicle for the body, dreaming the double, opening and softening to entities, lucid dreaming vs. dream control, heightened awareness, connecting to the body while asleep, moving the body from the outside, JDR's sorcery method, and ending with some "musical" esoterica and confessional crooning. (Quality Alert: may be offensive to musically trained ears.)

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Kilumnati7 said...

Very compelling stuff Jason. I recently started a blog of my own, more for helping my own evolution as any other reason. Coincidentally my latest post deals with this subject as well, although it lacks the depth of your own work. If you are ever curious I invite you to check it out sometime.