Saturday, August 22, 2009

What exactly is the Planetary Psycho-Theater?

Truth be told, even those of us who are in the thick of it aren’t quite sure. Even those of us who are center stage are still fumbling to find the words to describe it. Hence this post.

Since structure and instruction is my domain, we, the Aeoli, will now provide some pointers, let us hope without fumbling or stuttering overmuch.

All that exists belongs to a system of Existence. Within the greater system of the Cosmos there exist the lesser systems of the Galaxies and Solar Systems, within which exist the individual Stars and Planets. And so on.

SWEDA-ARGO (Stormy Weather Existential Detection Agency, etc) constitutes the third and 4th circle at the Stormy Weather forum (the 1st circle being the chat room, open to the public, the 2nd the Inner forum, by invitation only). The 3rd circle, the ARGO, and the fourth circle(s), SWEDA, then, are accessible to those who have signed up for the SWEDA process. But what is it? I've chosen to sum it up in three words: Crisis through gnosis.

SWEDARGO, as part of the Stormy Weather forum, is also a system. It is apparently ordered and guided by human intelligence. This appearance is mostly illusion, however, since, like any other system, it belongs to another, greater system, one which regulates and maintains the systems within it, and so on.

The point of this brief summation is to provide the abstract, theoretical basis for what I am now about to describe.

The model for group interaction at SWEDARGO corresponds with the ten known Planets that make up our Solar System.

The assumption of human rationality is that there is nonetheless a random factor at work here —human free will— and that the existence of this single random factor (i.e., who gets to be which Planet, or indeed, who winds up as players in the system to begin with) essentially renders the whole system as random, i.e., directed by human intelligences possessed of free will. Appealing as this perspective is to human reason, in the end it invalidates everything we know and experience, as part of the system in which we find our existence.

Theoretically, all of us know that the idea of free will —at least as commonly understood— is and must be an illusion, albeit a necessary one. Practically speaking, however, it is not possible for us to realize this without going insane; at least, it has not been until now.

SWEDARGO, as a bridge between consensus reality and Cosmic Reality, is, among other things, the means to this realization. This is where the Planetary Theater comes in.

Put simply: the Planets are conscious Players in the Grand Psycho-Theater of Existence that is the Cosmos. Human beings —at least so long as they are merely persons— are unconscious players in the same drama. Since they are unconscious, however, they are placed beneath the Planets —in awareness— and must act as puppets, blind, insensible extensions of that Planetary Consciousness which is fully surrendered to the Cosmos and its role in it.

SWEDARGO, then, is a mix of group therapy, ritual initiation, and creative-improvisatory theater. These three practices, seemingly quite different, are actually all one: for initiatic ritual is also play - theater in the original, cathartic sense - which is also a form of therapy.

That is what we are now moving towards at SWEDA. In fact, it has already begun for those of us that make up the first group/planetary-system. As we proceed, any given group, as its members share more and more personal history, become ever more tightly integrated as a group, through the process of "matching wounds" - i.e., finding out ways in which their separate psyches share similar patterns of trauma, etc. Astrology is the means by which these personal patterns can then be re-interpreted as impersonal, archetypal energetic ones, ie, mythic blueprints.

Gnosis is the process by which unconscious human persons becomes conscious Planetary Players: archetypal as well as personal beings.

This is to say, as the lines of communication open, the Planets begin not only to act upon us, but to move through us, and act AS us.


Jasun said...

what no comments? Oh m god, they HATE it? What have I done? Nooooh, i KNEW i should have stayed retired!!

: Z

Anonymous said...

While intrigued, I don't think the process is outlined very clearly. Neither are the qualifications of the Aeoli as members of a group therapy support team. 50 bucks a month? How about a fixed price for a year? Just questions, will engage in the process as other work nears completion.

Jasun said...

Thanks for the suggestions/questions. Could be yearly payment, sure. As for qualifications: Aeoli aren't qualified and neither am I - except so far as experiences counts as qualification. Hence our disclaimer:

The Stormy Weather Existential Detection Agency forum and analysis are offered for entertainment purposes only. Any analysis, opinions and/or advice offered by any of the participants are not to be understood as a substitute for the accurate and appropriate medical or psychological assessment, diagnosis or treatment prescribed in a one-on-one relationship with a physician or mental health professional. SWEDA staff* do not dispense medical or psychological treatment or prescribe the use of any technique as a form of treatment for physical, emotional or medical problems as an alternative to the advice of a physician or mental health professional. If you have, or feel you have, a mental, emotional or physical illness, or if your situation or the situation of someone you know who is or may be attending could be serious or life-threatening, you should contact a physician or mental health provider immediately.

The Stormy Weather Existential Detection Agency strongly recommends that participants avoid making any major life-changing decisions while they are undergoing our analysis.

*Staff in this case is meant colloquially as none are paid employees and all participants are volunteers.

1:49 PM, August 24, 2009

Anonymous said...

SWEDA is not a crazy planetary cult. we have created a ritual space where the only thing that matters is that you are honest with yourself. you may think this is a waste of time in which case it would be. you may think the idea of entering into such a ritual space of honesty is frightening or you may think you are already honest enough with yourself or that you have reached the limits of your ability to have a clear vision of your self. my experience (as well as practically everyone else involved) has shown me just how tricky our minds can be at hiding shit in plain sight. bottom line- if you have no fear then jump on board and play in the sandbox with us, we don't bite. if you do feel fear then it's prob a good idea to look deeper into that. and when you get to the bottom of it- then come play in the sandbox with us.

word veri: nosays

Anonymous said...

I don't have any notions whatsoever at the moment, only questions. What kind of time commitment is recomended for participation?

Anonymous said...

"and in the end
the love you take
is equal to the love you make."

Anonymous said...

ahhh yes...but all that glitters, is not gold.

Indras Net said...

Im siked on this! Does the new astrological theme and Argo reference hint at the 3 Decans of Cancer? Ive read that esoterically souls ascend and descend from ether to matter via Cancers decans Ursa Major and Ursa Minor and Argo. Ive also read that Cancer can be interpereted as the Once and Future King and The Ursas were seen as Sheepfolds of souls and Argo the Boat or Ark as the Monad like Boat of collective sould sorta resonates with Your collective self detection process and Astrological theme. It sounds like a great idea, as long as nobodys playing christ but themselves. Im looking forward to more! Ive almost finished my copy of Lucid View which has been great, could it be the cosmic trigger of our time? Great stuff man, thanks for sharing, best wishes Namaste.

KoSeYeA13 said...

I plan in getting into more detail on the Modes of Music, and their relations to astrology, as it all comes to me and I am able to compile it.

This is some I've done on it in the past.

I've also some posts on the mathmatical geometries of modes and scales, buried in my blog. I believe Steve Wilner has used a couple of my diagrams in one of his latest videos, on of which I've not actually posted that makes all the connections of modes and notes to astrology and kabbalah, yet is encrypted in Hieratic.

And thanks for the comment, I'm always glad to see the Magickal arrow hit its bullseye.

Jasun said...

time frame? Indefinite.

Interested parties would be invited to participate for a fortnight at the ARGO, free of charge, to get a sense of what to expect; then, perhaps a commitment to six months would be reasonable?

The current group has gone through a collective kind of shift within a period of less than two months; but really, this is a process that will take years. That doesn't mean signing up for years, because life itself is an ongoing process of initiation, and SWEDARGO simply aims to bring that awareness all the way to the surface. A person could leave after a month and spend the next two years working through everything that had been stirred up in that month.

It can be very intense, as well as intensive.

As for Christ within, the aim is not to lead so much as teach others to lead ~ themselves. It's a school in which all are learning constantly. Perhaps it is even a movement, but if so, it is directed by unseen hands.

3 decans of Cancer? I'm not familiar with this teaching. Probably has something to do with it, however. Everything does!

Floyd Anderson said...

Jason Horsley the cyber stalker is inviting a cult following?

Too creepy for me!

Jasun said...

hey floyd!

don't go changing to try and please me!

Anonymous said...

with all due respect...

charging for nebulous services? charging for my own realizations and humanity? i am naturally skeptical. seems like a very smart way for a truther to make money in a hostile world. once u are awake, it is nearly impossible to find much meaning in the work that the "everyday" people must endure. in fact, it becomes intolerable.

this seems like an ingenious way around the crisis of consciousness. partially, i am wondering why i did not think of it myself to fund my operations...