Sunday, August 30, 2009

What IS It?

Synchromysticism entertains itself by seeking mythic narratives in movies and pop culture. Paranoid awareness thrills and chills itself by finding occult threads in “psyops” and Masonic Sorcery Theater.

But there is a still deeper mythic narrative, of which all worldly enactments are but surface clutter, noise to drown out the signal. Would you study the noise, or would you decipher the signal?

If we wish to bring a message to the world, it is because we are attached to the role of messenger.

The myth needs carriers, but to embody the truth and to convey the truth are two very different things.

When we embody truth, we do not need to convey it; when we convey it, we are no longer embodying it.

Truth has no agenda. What agenda could the truth possibly have? It is there when everything else is gone.

There is only one myth, though there are many players within it.

We are carriers of that myth, host bodies. Meme machines.

Inside the mundane details of our personal history ~ the events we take for granted and dismiss as so much flotsam in the whirlwind of our perpetual becoming ~ an archetypal process is unfolding, right before our eyes.

We are already there. We are already it. Nothing is irrelevant to awareness.

True meaning is not found in the vastness, but in the tiny and the small. It is hidden inside the shallow and insignificant details of our humdrum daily existence. That is where essence resides: within the small.

The subtext.

The work of SWEDA is myth-finding. Sorting the seeds of personal histories, in order to plant them in archetypal awareness. So that our relationship to the myth we are caught up by may flower into our personal awareness.

A cell has no meaning outside the body. Any given component can only be understood within the context of the system to which it belongs.

Man belongs to the myth.

What system do you belong to?

How can you find your own personal myth to live by?

You are closer to it than you know.

Surround yourself by awareness. Whatever we place our awareness upon is imbued with awareness. Dogs are enlivened by the consciousness of their masters.

Seek the company of those who would seek the myth. Then that awareness can grow within you, from the seed of that desire, that intent.

We are erasing personal history in order to reveal the myth beneath it. The smaller we get, the stronger the pull of the myth, the more we are caught by it, and carried away by its motion. The less baggage we carry, the lighter we travel.

When we try and make today ours, we fail every time. So how can tomorrow ever be ours? Our thoughts have never gotten it right.

We follow our patterns home.

The patterns are the writing upon our hearts, the trail we left behind us as we strayed into the wilderness of our personal sovereignty, our perpetual pain. That writing on our hearts, those patterns, are a map that will take us home, back to the path.

At SWEDA, we are myth-finders: our business is finding the mythic narrative hidden behind your lives.

You are the myth carrier.

Our job is to help you find the myth you are host to, by showing you our own personal myth-stories. (We’ll show you ours if you’ll show us yours.)

Since there is only one myth, and since the myth is a map, there’s no way we can ever get lost.

“[W]e were capable of realizing that we were caught in the network of something which at first we had conceptualized as a myth, but which in essence was a map.”

~ Carlos Castaneda, The Eagle’s Gift


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