Monday, August 10, 2009

Slipping on the Moon

A moth flew towards the moon and fell in love.

A moth flew towards the moon and knocked at my lamp-lit window.

A tide rolled through the deepest ocean.

A tide rolled through a single cell.

Luna, the Earth Moon, from the Classical Latin word lucere (to shine; be bright, resplendent; be visible; shine, emit light; dawn; sparkle, glitter, ) as are Lucifer, elucidate and lucid.

The Moon compels in sometimes very subtle ways. In astrological terms she represents the Mother and the light in the darkness that is the comfort of Home.

In 1969 the Apollo 12 moonwankers carried two curious and covert cargos to the surface of the moon. Unbeknownst to them their back-up crew had slipped a collection of nudie photos into their fireproof cuff checklist booklets.

And stashed in one of the legs of the Intrepid moon module, was this:

That is a tiny iridium-plated ceramic wafer with reductions of drawings by artists Andy Warhol, Robert Rauschenberg, David Novros, Forrest "Frosty" Myers, Claes Oldenburg, and John Chamberlain.

Warhol contributed the sketch of a penis, representing his initials a la Aleister Crowley.

Boys may become men, bold extraterretrial adventurers or artistic luminaries, and still the Mother will inspire their most furtive longings.


Anonymous said...

12 moon wankers sent by their fraternal master bators, um i meant brothers to the moon. On a flaming obelisk piercing the sky.
In 1968 Stanley Kubrick's 2001 A Space Odyssey was released. The film was used as a training simulator by all the astronauts.

The iridium-plated ceramic wafer covered with artistic reproductions is loaded with esoteric symbolism. Iridium is the chemical element with atomic number 77. It is silvery white in appearance which is important for any alchemical operation. So the ceramic wafer was hidden in the lander's leg. The legs were coated in gold foil to reflect the 'sun'. Gold being the -alchemists Prima materia. If one follows this sync of sorcerers on the moon practising 'magick' yes spelled Crowleys way. We can see why the mission was named Apollo. Apollo's twin sister was Artemis both link to the bow and arrow. Apollo the sun, and Artemis later becoming Selene of the moon, and Selenology the study of geology on the moon. Which was why Nasa went to the moon, right! science!! not magic(k).
Astronaut David Bowman was not named arbitrarily. Mankind lands on the mother goddess luna, finds a 'square' black altar deeply penetrating tycho, the magnetic anomaly let's off a scream of 'childbirth' as it soars into the stars toward the dark father saturn. Astronauts always had trouble sleeping and strange dreams while up there. The dream journals have not been released to the public yet. Surely everything was documented even dreaming.

Magnetic technology may be the biggest secret. The moon rules tides. On earth seawater can be used as a propulsion method, by nuclear submarines, using concentrated magnetic fields. In air adding plasma to the magnetic field creates a 'disk' a ufo. Magnetic fields are also used to steer the nosecones of ballistic missiles on re-entry. This magnetic quintessence as seen on anomaly's on the moon may be the secret to star travel, the human soul being another form of this indestructible energy.

But back to the Iridium and number 77, Nasa has always been linked to German Nazi scientists, and the German occult current is well known among western ritual magicians. Aleister Crowley black satanic magician according to pop culture, wrote a famous book 777.
The 7th letter of the alphabet is G. G linking again to our fraternal moon walkers. Now if one looks at the moon landings in numeric symbolism 1969 =25 =7, the third 7 to our iridium current. Jack Parson's the other lost link to our Nasa Astronauts, created his 'solid rocket fuel' mix used extensively in the program to land on the moon' Parsons got the mix according to researcher Bruce Rux through study of ancient alchemical texts.

Since i have mentioned pop culture, and the synchromystic energy, Jake Kotze has this to say on 77 “Aleister Crowley believed Pan to be the Wizard of Oz, and attributed to him the number 77."

The Wizard of Oz has always been a favorite training text of the Masonic magicians. Esoteric knowledge, the occult, the hidden 'wizard' pulling down the wool over the eyes of humanity. Yet the Fraternal Wizard like the modern wizards, brethren of the light, claim that there are no mystery's there is no magick, there is just flesh+blood that is it. Yet the Wizard of Oz, had real witches, little 'alien' people and other civilizations existing unknown to our own.
Symbols, mankind and art. The common man does not see the gift of 'dreams' nightly, of the ability to dream, create art, to know(the secrets of the universe), to will, to dare, and above all to keep silent. It has been 40 years since man walked on the moon. -why?
What did they find up there?.

I'm just pissed, we were all sold the 'dream' of space for 40 years, then woke up and realized it was a scam. A Wizard of Oz behind the curtain. It was for Elite cabals putting their men on the moon.
That it was art etched on the Iridium ceramic wafer puts our position in the universe in perspective. Art is the way to the stars, or what the 'star' gods the extra-terrestrials view as our purpose.

Jasun said...

hey thoth

where you been?

missing you at the forum, big time!