Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Back to Basics

1. A necessary fee or charge is not a "donation".

2. A majority is not a consensus.

3. Equality can not be achieved through inequality.

4. If irregardless is the same as regardless, then irresponsible must be the same as responsible.

5. Atheism is a religion.

6. Just because someone is nice to you doesn’t mean they're a nice person.

7. The right wing and left wing are components of the same animal.

8. Religion is a cult that has garnered legitimacy.

9. Treating people the way you expect people to treat you is the essential tenet to live by.

10. Having a sense of purpose in life is everything.


Jasun said...

"9. Treating people the way you expect people to treat you is the essential tenet to live by."

what if you are a sadomasochist?

Ezra Sandzer-Bell said...


sa⋅do⋅mas⋅o⋅chism - gratification, esp. sexual, gained through inflicting or receiving pain; sadism and masochism combined.

Sounds consistent to me...

Anonymous said...

J'espère que vous pourrez trouver quelqu'un pour vous battre insensé.

Jack Heart said...

It turns out that the ninth entry (and that’s a magick number!) on your Back to Basics list is an ancient and sacred rule that in more recent times became known as the golden rule. Considered quaint and outdated by some, it contains a powerful wisdom. It cuts through the myriad ideologies that tend to separate humans and points toward a global inter-personal code of conduct.

It is also self-correcting…

Janice Smith said...

Ha ha 1 is soo funny! OMG, LOL! I don't get 2 or 4, but 5 seems wrong if you just look up the definition of atheisms 6 seems negaitive 7 is pointing out the obvious about birds, DUH! 8 ok, except judao-christian fundamentals, I think anyone who thinks something different is probably a terrorist 9 I'm a sadomasochist, ha ha, LOL! That's super funny! 10 well its ok, but you have to have the lord almighty first,

Have a blessed day!!!

Anonymous said...

Do onto others what is not hatefull to yourself. D from O

T. Simian said...

7. The right wing and left wing are components of the same animal.

good of you to admit that, AK...

"the difference between them (Masonry and Illuminism) is the difference between secrecy that is used to protect the truth (and keep it untarnished lol) and secrecy used to horde knowledge..."


"to deceive the deceivers is no deceit at all"

tell us who you really are, AK. (quotes from your book in case you didnt recognize them)

fuck Illuminism and Masonry

time to cook this bird, its old ugly and dying

word verification: snoncenc LOL

T. Simian said...

questions for AK

1. why did timothy leary's wife commit suicide?

2. why did william burroughs son commmit suicide?

3. why did everyone who came in contact with Crowley commit suicide or end up in the looney bin?

4. why are crowley, blavatsky and the whole of the golden dawn self-avowed racists? Racist in the purest sense, not prejudiced.

5. what do you think about R.A.W.'s decision to freeze his murdered daughters head ??

Your list of the "true Illuminati" leaves much to be desired, IMO. Where's Miles Davis?

When are you going to come clean and admit your partisanship?

Jasun said...


I visited your website, and was impressed to see that you understand the complexities of social engineering enough to offer a t-shirt that can only compound the racial discord that your illuminated masters so thoroughly enjoy propagating (don't shoot, it's a suntan). Thanks for adding to the problems. I appreciate that you are smart enough to attempt profit from that you proclaim contempt for, as evidenced by your (this t-shirt was made in a sweatshop) t-shirt. A better idea would be to buy a t-shirt from nosweatapparel.com, but where's the self-aggrandizement, or profit potential in that?

The Secret Sun said...

I think RAW might have frozen his daughter's head for cryogenic purposes- he and Leary were heavily into Cryogenics for future revival. I saw Leary do a talk and the warm up act was a cryogenic spokesperson.

Digging the basics, Aeolie.

Wordver sync: Liondu

The Secret Sun said...

I had to add another comment here simply because of the word-ver sync: spermlen.

Dr. Sonic said...

word-ver sync: tastyweiner