Thursday, May 21, 2009

Boot untied and Stuck in the Mud

Swampy and vile still
The sound of frogs and locusts
The stench of decay
A hole in the sound
Unmanifest and silent
Nowhere to be found.


Blah Blah said...

Really enjoyed the show Aeoli.

I heard somewhere - can't find it now - that deaf people are really good at telling when people are lying because they can't hear to be manipulated through the liars voice. May be worth looking into. Make me think that the US's institutionalized torture is more for creating more terrorists and tulpas (and even terrorist tulpas!LOL!!) than finding out the "truth."


PS Word verification synch: framorse

Anonymous said...

Wine,Women&Song.....Trance Dance!!!

jason said...

yes everyone knows (?) that torture is completely unnecessary for extracting of truth; it's generally assumed to be a form of amusement for some very strange people, but i'd say you are on the right track, so far as tulpa-creation goes.

skrambo said...

Agreed on torture, Jason/O.G. Aeolus. I recently made a post about how quickly a "libertarian" radio host who once defended the "anti-terrorist"'s (the real terrorists, in actuality) use of waterboarding changed his mind when he had it done on himself. I have a feeling most government officials have tried it and that they are fully aware it is extremely unpleasant and they are just sadists, conditioning people who are already against them into furthering their anger and hatred, in an attempt to fuel another attack.

I'm a sucker for poetry...

Jasun said...

"extremely unpleasant," torture?

You're kidding! Holy shit, if we'd known that....

(A recent poll shows 78% of American teens think "water-boarding" is a recreational pastime. How right they are.)