Friday, May 15, 2009

Edargorter Yrucrem

Aeolus Kephas - Camatillo.m4a

When there's one in your life and the moment she comes, it's passionate love for some time.
When there's two in the picture you watch from behind, it's funny the games you might play in you mind.
Letters in each of their names.. Fuse them together as one in the same.

Different Souls - Similar Roles

When the first one departs and you move to the next, you're going to feel the effects.
If you call on a brother to offer advice, don't be surprised if you start to think twice.
You made a magickal pact, now there's only one proper way to react.

Different Souls - Similar Roles


Jasun said...

The youngster...

in.awe.. said...

i wonder if something is going on astrologically now. there seems to be "a coming to a head" in relationships all around.

in.awe.. said...

hahahhaha. i'm such a newb. (not n00b). just now realizing Edargorter Yrucrem has to do with mercury in retrograde. wish i was as smart as you kephas. or maybe not. or maybe???? do you enjoy your intellegence?it seems to me that it might get frustrating....who is there to talk to really.? god help me that i might catch up one day. (i know....look inside) (i might be infected)

Jasun said...

myself and my many alters enjoy intelligent discussion daily, as this blog testifies

thank you for your concern, tho

Anonymous said...

Hey Aeolus and the "lucid crew" I just wanted to mention that all these belief systems and hallucinations all of you share including myself are merely projections, thought forms and mental concepulations, micro analyisations, indulgence in annhilative mentalities and a huge boring attempt to fit the universe into of your heads.

The universe and its mysteries are greater then anything I could ever fathom in totality. Magical Rites and Occult practices are just wonderful but in the deepest essence true illussions.

The simple stillness of this moment in the here and now is all you can ever now. I suggest you all think about the projections you falling into because they are all spun from our own minds and nervous systems and just because you collectively hallucinate something it doesnt necesarrily make it anything more then another manifestation of the collective unconcious.

I am interested in what you have to say about demise and fatalism but everything is alright with me. Your annhilative mindsets are funny and comical, perhaps yes it is the end of all the world and the sky is falling or perhaps we are just as fine as we ever were before.

In the end we are all the same oneness and we must shamanically follow the beat our own heart and listen truthfully to each other. None of this despairing mentality matters, "Let thy will be done" what more control can we have?? what do you know truthfully?? all you have seen and all you have known are mere projections and mostly come across like your becoming the apostles of the new armegeddon cult.

Be here, now.

What point is there in chasing the cosmical comedy of destruction or whatever heck you believe you in, its not the end of the world people, its not the beginning of the world, there is nothing to be paranoid about even if there was something devestating happen to our planet we will all be together in our hearts and hold hands like the hippies do.

I enjoy your PODCAST AeolusKephas I hope you remember all of you that this is nothing more then THOUGHT EXPERIMENTS and any reality tunnel you choose to believe in completely limiting and any trouble makers need to stop being such a bunch of terrorizers and start opening up to creating there own reality.

Last but not least,

All of us share power and power does not belong to any of us, it is infinity that guides are footsteps, power is not ours to control and take for granted power is granted by the great spirit that moves through all things and harmonization is all what truly matters we must bring accordance and follow a path of order and accept that all of our paths intertwine and that beyond lucidity and matteres of power we are all harmonizers, orderers and universal beings of oneness.

May no shadows be cast herein, light, order, balance, strength, power, servititude to the balancers and planetary servers.

Follow your hearts and "hear no evil, see no evil"

Om Namaha Shivaya

Be like water my friends!

Anonymous said...

we take them...., we take ourselves... , Aeoli.... beyond all the insipid dreams! ...far flung galaxies will never see!...but in the end , we are here.... to eternity....!...

Anonymous said...

WE GOT LOVE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Crack Babies.

skrambo said...

Saint Oz

My previous comment was directed towards Aeolus, not Aeolus. I hope Aeolus understands. Kephas.