Monday, May 25, 2009

There is Only Life After Death (This IS it)

We belong to what we came out of
and we don't belong to what we want
or to what we think we need
and all of the trying
and the hoping
and the dreaming
will never help
all there is
the most gentle surrender
the most tender agreement
in realizing
what we always knew
that we are not our own

if you are looking for truth
for yourself
it can never be found
because the self that you're looking for
isn't true
we can surrender to truth
for truth's sake
instead of our own
we cannot have truth
you can't find it
you can't have it
only the whole of you
can belong
to Truth

You can lay down in truth
and let it have you
because it is of supreme value
and you're not
everyone has overestimated
their own value
that we are worth something
when we are
most wonderfully
worth nothing

John De Ruiter, 1999

There Is Only Life After Death audio


Anonymous said...

Easy for a guy to say when an entire institution has been named after him.

silver surfer said...

"Easy for a guy to say when an entire institution has been named after him."

A man saw a tidal wave coming to envelop his village. All around him there was chaos and despair. The man was a mathematician, however, and he simply shrugged and let slip a superior little smile.

"What's all the fuss about?" he said. "It's only H20."

: D

Good luck deflecting the wave, anon!

Anonymous said...

Some people have overestimated the sentiment behind this Blog post because they have overestimated their own value. A divine irony.

We are one consciousness with an infinite schizophrenic split. Therefore we find truth in the cross hairs where consciousness meets itself and says hello to itself as if it were a stranger, because that's where the physical is made spirit. That's the Wonderland door which leads to the eye of truth that Horus had restored by Thoth.

Even if truth is a separate entity from the physical, it is not folly to know this truth the way we know ourselves, or to bask in the way truth seems beautiful in the eyes of a stranger. These are not fortuitous illusions.

We are not these things.

We are these feelings.

Balloonman said...

Your right, not for the faint of heart. Or to listen to with ROOSTER COGBURN in the BG and stay with a mournful monotone, as if in a trance reciting epiphany vision, no matter how genuine to aspects of seed truth the vision may well be. It's downloaded, in iTunes of all things, along with your tune, singing and accompanying yourself on guitar. When I am anxious for funereal enlightenment to enhance my desperate spirit mood of the day I may well tune the guru back in. Bill

F. Nietzsche said...

in The Birth of Tragedy:

"The very best is quite unattainable for you, it is, not to be born, not to exist, to be Nothing. But the next best for you is - to die soon."

Ali Sina said...

For those who cannot see a mentally disturbed man behind those blue eyes of John de Ruiter a quick review of his writings reveal the confusion and incoherence of his thoughts. Words are jumbled in tautological statements and hollow speeches that leave the listener gasping for meaning while the redundancy of vibrant words such as "Truth" and "consciousness" subliminally suggests that something very profound is being said that its full meaning eludes the ken of the listener. But after reading a few of his speeches, after getting over his monotonous catchphrases and mulling over their contents one learns that there is nothing to be learned from them.

anis ila said...

never underestimate the power of denial

Jason Kephas said...

In olden times, when the King received news that he found personally distasteful, he would execute the messenger in the hope that this would somehow do away with the unpleasant truth which he had delivered. Of course, it never worked, but it made the King feel better anyway.

Ernest Becker said...

in the Pulitzer Prize winning book The Denial of Death:

"The essence of normality is the refusal of reality."

Jasun said...

gee, Ernest, thanks for for letting us know it was a pulitzer prize-winner. Now we know it must be true.

(I tried reading the book when I was 20 or so; only got halfway. Definitely not my idea of "reality.")

Julia said...

Some things get better with age - like a good Bordeaux, a pair of worn-in shoes and women (of course!)

Eman said...

Play by play action in the comments section:
Anonymous proudly flaunts sour grapes.
Silver surfer counters with a trite little parable.
Anonymous responds with new age psycho babble.
Balloonman makes what appears to be a clever sardonic dig at someone, or something, or maybe he's being sincere.
Someone digs out a morbid Nietzsche quote.
Ali Sina throws his two cents in; JdR is a hack.
Some one writes Ali Sina backwards as a sign of their intellectual prowess, plays the denial card.
Jason Horsely makes an incongruent analogy, confusing data with a 'message'.
Ernest Becker digs out a lame Psych 101 quote.
Aeoli Kephas dismisses the lame Psych 101 quote based on the prestige associated with quote.
Julia says old women stink like old shoes.

Shawn said...

Amusing, the status quo isn't disturbing? We're all fools, there is nothing to fight against. Enjoy your foolishness.

I wonder who is succinct in everything they write and say at all it you Ali?

this is you said...

Eman makes a glib and dismissive "summation" of all that went before thereby parading his own superiority and cynicism

hairsplitter said...

actually data and message are almost synonymous...

data = "individual facts, statistics, or items of information"

message = "a communication containing some information, news, advice, request, or the like, sent by messenger, radio, telephone, or other means."

Hello? Anybody home?