Thursday, May 14, 2009

Fool's Gold

The quest for specialness
Leads nowhere
Learn to settle for less

Investing in the personal self
Is like building houses on the sand
Passing the time
Before the next wave comes

Integration is the primary fear
Which all constructs of identity
Are the means to avoid

Being special
Is no defense against entropy

The mother prevails in her despair
The father withdraws to his shell
The child turns inward
In impotent revolt
And the wound
The ancient wound
Silently bleeds


skrambo said...

beautiful, fellow astral retards

Ezra Sandzer-Bell said...

well put, Aeolus. I particularly resonate with the last paragraph.

Jack Heart said...

Entropy, as in the Second Law of Thermodynamics, is only a factor in closed systems…

Anonymous said...

I agree that the quest for special-ness leads nowhere, but disagree that investing in the personal self is a pointless endeavor. The enrichment of the personal self is essential towards forging the subtle changes to the energetic self, to which the personal self is but manure. The problem is with using personal enrichment as a means towards special-ness, ie, feeling that one is in some way 'better' than another.