Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Name Your Adversary

Aeolus Kephas - Terribilis Est Locus Iste.mp3


Unknown said...

Personal advertisement, blog tips: My Bhagavad Gita studies. My I Ching studies. My poetry. My Babe Wallpaper Arrt.

Reciprocity! If you care to visit my blogs, I would be just happy to see a "personal advertisment" for your own blogs in return.

Best wishes,
- Peter Ingestad, Sweden

JaY said...

.arze krow doog

in.awe.. said...

Hi Aeolus Inc. I send my greetings. It is rare to find such a one as you.I thank you for sharing your journey. There are facets and facets. Not unlike us all. It is interesting that you have found a forum to show yourself shedding yourself. It is rewarding to see you use your intellect and your art to free your being. Giving me new ideas and hope. I pray for your health to be magnificent. such that you are

pegcarter said...

reading ur book now. am @ the part about Hitler and the Beast. Thanks 4 the info.

sauniere said...


Anonymous said...

hey i don't know what a M4A is but itz not an MP3 an I cant git it to play yo

chek it