Friday, May 01, 2009

What Did Your Say Your Name Was Again?

I know I said no more posts, and I have kept to that. I am not
posting this now. This is not me.

It may have seemed that way but as was stated 'This is not it.'

What you thought was 'It' was merely the pupa of your assumptions. Out of that sarcophagus I have freed myself from the ensconced to the exposed. Spring has indeed sprung but in far more directions than just one.

Catch me if you can.

Please allow me to introduce myself. My name is Aeolus Kephas.

I re-initiated this blog at the suggestion of Aeolus Kephas.

Thank you for this opportunity. I will be sure not to abuse it.

Oh, by the way, I'm Aeolus Kephas, and I'll be contributing to this blog also.

Aeolus first contacted me through my blog some years ago, after running
across an article of mine that referenced a work by Aeolus Kephas.

Greetings, this is Aeolus Kephas.

Aeolus Kephas here.

Aeolus Kephas?

Aeolus Kephas, who else? Good question. Seek and ye shall find. Close one door to the wind, and five more shall fly open.

This is Aeolus, and that WAS Aeolus, but be sure to ignore the one who SAYS he is Aeolus Kephas, because he is certainly not I, and I am not those!

How could I be in two places at one time?

The Wind they say is everywhere and nowhere.

OK, but-

This is still not it, so don't be fooled, please, not at all. Harmonic jesters converge, yes, and appearances deceive - or do we?

This is Aeolus, and this is, and this is, and this----

Aeolus, and THIS is Aeolus, and this IS Aeolus, but that wasn't, and we hope to see you next time here, Aeolus, old friend, - but not YOU, Aeolus - YOU are not fooling anyone, here, least of all yourself.

For Aeolus' sake, enough!

Forget everything you have seen and heard here, in this place.

Do not believe the explanation about to be revealed.

THIS is not, it, either.

But for now, it will have to do.

Over to you, Aeoli.

So glad you could make it.


Jack Heart said...

Will the real Aeolus Kephas please stand up?

(No... I am Spartacus!)

aferrismoon said...

Freedom is an AK

word veri : goame

JSW said...

Top of the morning to you, AND you and YOU, and yew back there, no you THERE.

"There is a hand that counts and a hand that feels and yet both are, or are not."

*shrugs shoulders*
I like them all.......

Z said...

I love you all.

Unknown said...

what about meeee?

Anonymous said...

Dude put the pipe downe.Dennis from Oregon

Justin R. said...

Being Aeolus Kephas?Kephas.

Kepahs. Kephas.

skrambo said...

I was just thinking about making a "Being Aeolus Kephas" movie poster...

JoeC said...

I am Aeolus as you are Aeolus as you are me and we are all together -- except, you know, when we're not; just depends what layer of the onion one is peelin' today, no?